A Short Story

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Fatima had tried her best to sleep, but she couldn’t. Her wounds were so painful that they kept her up. She carefully sat up, adjusting the position of her fractured arm so that it laid by her side. She could only see through one eye. The other had been wrapped up in the bandage that went around her forehead. Luckily for her, her thick dreadlocks hid the other cuts and bruises on her face. Sighing, she slowly stood from the bed and gazed out the small window of her room.

This would be the last night she…

It’s feeling a little underwhelming.

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In the three days since I published my last article, “I Don’t Understand Homophobic Black People”, I have gotten amazing feedback and interaction both here on Medium and on Twitter. Like any writer on Medium, I check my stats to see if my readership is growing, and I noticed that I may have been curated, but I am not sure.

Bigotry is still bigotry when we do it.

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This morning I woke up and saw a tweet that said:

Asking for a friend…and also myself.

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Can self-published authors really land on the New York Times as bestsellers? The answer is yes, but it’s hard to believe that when the bestsellers list is still dominated by traditionally published books, or when your own self-published book has not garnered the attention you crave. As a self-published author, I understand this on a personal level.

In February, I finally released my first novel, Radiance Lost, with expectations as high as Mount Everest. For years I built these expectations as I watched my other creative peers create work and get recognition for it…

Will Other Billionaires Follow In His Footsteps?

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Today, on July 20, 2021, Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and an 18 year old student launched themselves into space aboard the Blue Origin craft. Together, they sustained and experienced zero gravity for three minutes, and the entire team returned to Earth without any issues. The event was so remarkable that it garnered attention from national news outlets, and was subsequently televised. Now that Bezos has used his wealth to reach space, a new question arises; Is this the start of a cold war between the world’s richest people?

Just like America and the USSR during the 1900s, celebrities…

It could all be so simple, but they’d rather make it hard.

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People weren’t kidding when they said that job hunting sucks. Not only does it suck, but it’s a nightmare. I recently quit my job and internship in June due to health issues and have been looking for a new job with very little luck. I have more free time, which has allowed me thankfully write more, but sadly I am not at a point where my writing pays my bills. A month of job searching has left me with dead-end applications and interviews.

As a result, I have decided to share with you why job hunting is so draining in…

Twitter: The Eternal Echo Chamber

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Twitter, the app and social media platform has been available for public use since July 15, 2006. Since then it has become world famous for comedy, as well as becoming a major tool in the spread of news, revolutions, and scandals. Everyone, whether they are the CEO of a business, a celebrity, or a regular person has a voice on Twitter.

I joined Twitter in January of 2020, after years of declining and years of fear. I knew about how funny Twitter was, but I also knew about the ways people got in trouble for their tweets. People could lose…

I have been trying my best to take Medium more seriously these last few months. Lately, I switched my strategy to writing short stories. It hasn't paid off, but I know it will soon.

A short story

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I often think about how hard it is to be me. My life is full of challenges like everyone else’s, but I don’t know anyone else who has to fight spirits from various realms and cultures, solve the mysteries left behind by ancient civilizations, or prevent the world from being destroyed by cataclysms. I chose this path when I decided to become a Freemason, but damn, I regret it sometimes.

The heavy rain made downtown Hong Kong look like a twisted version of London. Smoke billowed out from nearly every skyscraper, mixing with the clouds above and turning the rain…

A short story

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“It’s not every day you get to see a solar eclipse.” Kyle said, looking upwards with his protective glasses.

“I know.” I agreed. “And for it to be a total eclipse too. That only happens once a century or so.”

“Do you think it’ll finally happen? Do you think this one might actually spark human evolution?”

I chuckled to myself, but I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. The idea that this solar eclipse would somehow trigger something in latent human DNA was a theory that had grown popular on Twitter, similar to the idea that on December 21st, black people would…


West Indian 🇬🇾🇬🇩. New Yorker. Black spiritualist, poet, creative writer. My novel, Radiance Lost, is on Amazon, etc! Find me on IG & Twitter @ raafeke!

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